Afrocessory Shop: Wear Your Africa

About Afrocessory Shop

AfrocessoryShop is an online store targeted to everyone that wants to add a little kick of uniqueness to their everyday clothing. We provide a wide range of African inspired casual wears from sweatshirts and hoodies when it is cold, to T-shirts and hats for all seasons. Most items in our store are unisex, so it’s easier to buy the items that you love without complications of having to choose if it’s for guys or girls.

About me: It all started from pure love of African inspired crafts and handmade items. 

Hi loves, my name is Tumi Owa and Afrocessory is my baby :). I started this shop in hopes to explore my creativity and what I could bring to the table that would represent my roots. I was never a crafty person but I was raised around crafty people. I was more of an observer than a doer. When I was growing up in Nigeria, my mom made me learn the art of braiding and sewing even though I was not interested. She saw these skills as ones that every girl should possess. My love for crafts however didn't surface until I got to America and started to observe how downplayed African fashion was in the country. This was what motivated me to start making African inspired products and the more I made them, the more I fell in love with them. This newly found love was what led me to creating Afrocessory Shop.

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